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Thousands of teachers around the country have shared their need for PD that is affordable, practical, evidence-based, and easily accessible. That's why we created Brain Power Academy!
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I have noticed a change in myself as I have been more mindful of my own and my students social and emotional well-being. I've built relationships on a deeper level with many students. Students are more comfortable in sharing their concerns with small and large groups as we have developed spaces where they can do so safely without judgment.
Teacher on 'Stress Management' PowerPD
The conversation ground rules has had the biggest impact on facilitating conversations about difficult topics. We refer to them regularly, and they really help us stay on track and maintain a safe and respectful environment in which to have these types of talks.
Teacher on 'Scary News & Difficult Topics' Brain Bite
So far, this one has been the most useful to me in my professional growth and provided the most relevant information and resources I can bring into my school immediately.
Teacher on 'IEP Goal Tracking' PowerPD



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Our courses are carefully and thoughtfully designed by our team of neuroscientists, psychologists, teachers, and doctors. 
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School-wide PD Workshops

Brain Power now offers workshops for school districts: get 10+ PD hours for every teacher in attendance, facilitated and managed by us!

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We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest professionals.

Workshop Weeks

Our team can fit into your school's  schedule, aligning with your existing PD days.

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Keep progressing even in your summer holidays though a variety of activities.