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Brain Bite: Tapping Into Student Motivation

This one hour Brain Bite will provide you with strategies to keep your students motivated in any learning environment!

All learners will receive a certificate for 1 professional development hour upon completion of a Brain Bite unit.

Online, Self-Paced Course

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Professional Development Hours

1 PD Hour

Course Overview

Teachers often have difficulty recognizing students that lack motivation, but they exist in every classroom!

The unmotivated student is usually the one who comes across as simply not caring about their schoolwork. However, the unmotivated student actually is highly motivated when it comes to schoolwork -- he's motivated to avoid it! When working with an unmotivated student, you face two challenges:
1) finding ways to change your student’s thinking, and
2) figuring out what does motivate that student!

This one-hour micro-pd course will allow you to further explore student motivation, and provide you with ready-to-use strategies to motivate your students in any learning environment.
Course Objectives
Participants will:
  1. Learn about different types of student motivation
  2. Understand what triggers and works for different types of motivation
  3. Explore strategies to apply with your students in the classroom and remote settings
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