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Brain Power Academy specializes in online professional development for teachers. Our PowerPD and Brain Bite courses empower you with new skills and tools for social-emotional teaching and remote learning based on the latest scientific research. Grow your skills to reach your students, and earn PD hours for your teaching license!
All learners will receive a certificate for 10 professional development hours upon completion of a PowerPD course
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"The Brain Power Academy's PowerPD's have been a great way to earn PD on my own time and at my own pace in the comfort of my home. There are also many deals offered to lower the cost. During these unprecedented times, both time and money are at a minimum, so I appreciate these PD opportunities."
Kelly Mulvehill
Attleboro Public School
     | 5.0 rating

Online Professional Development courses for teachers that are actually engaging!

Most online professional development courses are dry and boring. Watching hours of videos is especially hard when you’re managing distractions.

Brain Power Academy is different. Rather than offering lectures, we created lessons that engage you through interactive features such as click-through videos, quizzes, and activities, all while learning at your own pace!

Students Impacted

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Licensed Provider of Professional Development for Educators—
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Brain Power Academy is an approved provider of Professional Development in Special Education and Comprehensive Health. Our courses are designed to help you grow in your profession and guide all of your students to reach their full potential.

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Professional Development Courses

Our teacher professional development courses are developed by neuroscientists, doctors, and education experts with an emphasis on the scientific research behind the logic. We understand the difficulties educators are facing due to COVID-19, and our courses are created with remote access in mind. Learn how to reach your students digitally.
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PowerPDs and Brain Bites

PowerPD are long-form courses for teachers that each provide 10 Professional Development hours. Brain Bites are short, 1 hour courses focused on a specific topic that each provide 1 Professional Development hour.

Coming Soon Courses

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Brain Bite: SEL Debt Crisis: Trauma Informed Classroom

With current and future circumstances presenting unprecedented obstacles, it is important for teachers to take a trauma-informed approach with their students--one that cultivates relationships, shared agency, structure, self-regulation, and social-emotional learning in order to reduce isolation, build community, and strengthen students' resilience moving forward.
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The Psychology of Motivation: How to Help Your Students & Yourself Get and Stay Inspired

Getting your students to learn effectively is largely a factor of motivation, but knowing what tools and techniques are actually going to work to inspire your students to learn is much more challenging. Each of your students is unique, so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. By understanding the brain-based psychology behind student motivation and the different types of motivation, you can start to bring balance into your classroom, whether you’re teaching virtually or in-person. 
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Fake News: Educating Students on Truth in Media

It can feel like an uphill battle, trying to educate students about how to identify good information in a society trending towards an inability to discern truth.
  • In 2017, two thirds of American adults got news from social media.
  • A 2016 Stanford report found that 80-90% of high school students struggle to judge the credibility of online information.
  • A 2019 Stanford report found that more than half of high schoolers fail to evaluate the validity of the media they consume.
This PowerPD course will equip you with the tools and strategies to be able to spot fake news, understand it, and combat it!

Positive Team Dynamics

As an educator, we know you love to learn, but we also know that you need to apply these skills in your workplace tomorrow. In this course, we will provide you with the information you need to build more positive relationships with your administrators, co-teachers, and paras. And after completing this interactive, engaging course at your own pace, you will earn 10 hours of professional development!

Outcomes and value for teachers

You get:
  • Practical courses to meet the needs of a variety of student populations
  • Course topics that address the real-world needs of you and your students
  • Ready-to-use strategies to apply with your students in any learning environment
  • Time-saving tools and tips for classroom and remote learning
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Practical Online Professional Development

Social-emotional Learning (SEL)

Special needs students thrive under SEL. Our lessons focus on strategies that inform educators how to encourage students to be successful.


Rather than offering lectures, we created lessons that engage you through interactive features such as click-through videos, quizzes, and activities.

Rooted in Brain Science

Our online professional development courses are developed by neuroscientists, doctors, and education experts with an emphasis on the scientific research behind the logic.

Distance Learning

With the difficulties educators are facing due to COVID-19, our courses are created with remote access in mind. Learn how to reach your students digitally.

Highly Rated by Teachers Across the Country

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Brain Power Academy is great for Professional Development as it gives a lot of information in a variety of ways, which keeps it interesting.
      | 5.0 star rating
Connie Holbrook
Annunziata School
Brain Power Academy is a great way to keep your mind sharp!
     | 5.0 star rating
Brenda Morrow
Windham NH Schools
I loved that this section was full of practical applications that can make a difference for my students! 
     | 4.0 star rating
Annette Dahlberg
Battle Ground Public Schools

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Ned T. Sahin, PhD
Harvard and MIT Neuroscientist; CEO of Brain Power, LLC
Dr. Sahin was trained in neuroscience at Harvard, MIT and Oxford. His academic work has been published in journals such as Science and Nature Neuroscience, and his PhD dissertation won the prize for the best dissertation across all departments at Harvard that year. At MIT, he won several teaching prizes. Dr. Sahin founded Brain Power, LLC to bring neuroscience ideas and technological innovations to people with special challenges who can directly benefit from them the most.
Dr. Neha Keshav, PhD
Chief of Staff Director of Research
Dr. Keshav completed her PhD and postdoc in neuroscience with a concentration and special interest in autism. She has also worked at a neurotechnology startup and thus brings industry as well as academic experience, in addition to her will-do and winning attitude. She superintends all scientific research at Brain Power as well as all government grants.
Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Vahabzadeh is a Harvard Medical School based physician, trained in both medicine and psychiatry. He is the former Chair of the Council on Communications of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and a consultant to Khan Academy, Neurolaunch, and Anthem. Dr. Vahabzadeh has published extensively in clinical neuroscience and neurobiology, and has over 20 awards, including from the APA and the American Medical Association.

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Ultimate Distance Training

Learn to use all the related tools, and skills you need to become effective remotely as you are in the classroom. 
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